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Cat Channel

Cat Fancy  is the undisputed premier feline magazine that is dedicated to better lives for pet cats. Always a presence within the cat world, CAT FANCY and its sister website, CatChannel.com are where cat owners, lovers and rescue organizations go for education and entertainment. With a readership that is highly receptive to its credible advice, news, lifestyle information, CAT FANCY and CatChannel.com are the ultimate places to read about cat news, breeds, care and products and services.

Ten funny reasons to adopt a cat
Check out ten funny reasons to adopt a cat!
1.You'll have a lot to choose from.
2. Kittens are easier than puppies, and equally ADORABLE.
3. It’s about time you started the longest relationship you’ll ever have...

LOL cats and funny pictures!

LOL cats and funny pictures! Click here to view more great pictures to make you laugh out loud.

Cat Walking with Mo Rocca from CBS News!
Mo Rocca takes America's most common pet - the house cat - out for a stroll in the park and learns that taking your feline friend for a walk is increasing in popularity.

Simon's Cat
Simon's cat is a cartoon about a cat that lives with a man named Simon! 

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