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Introducing CAT Stanley!

Have you ever heard of Flat Stanley? The character is taken from a children's book written by Jeff Brown. Flat Stanley is used to teach various forms of communication for school aged children. In addition to taking part in the day-to-day activities of the children, Flat Stanley is quite the celebrity. He has been photographed with actors, prime ministers, and presidents from George Bush to Barack Obama. There have been many variations of Flat Stanley, yet the purpose remains to teach children to connect people.

CAT Stanley is all about the cat! Just as Flat Stanley connects people and encourages communication, CAT Stanley is connecting people and communicating about cat health and welfare. He'll attend industry events as the face of cats everywhere.
Check out the following event Photo Galleries:

CAT Stanley is campaigning to promote the appropriate cat care to owners, shelter workers and veterinary teams, and he'll be helping educate the public. Recently CAT Stanley was spotted during the Western Veterinary Conference with actress Betty White. Follow CAT Stanley on Facebook, Twitter and the CATalyst Council website. Remember to look out for him in your travels and get your picture taken with CAT Stanley, because he's "All About the Cat!"

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