Top 5 Joys of Owning A Cat
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Top 5 Joys of Owning A Cat
May 26, 2011


June is National Adopt a Cat Month

 (ANNAPOLIS, Maryland) May 26, 2011--June is National Adopt a Cat Month and the CATalyst Council is joining with the American Humane Association to promote cats and encourage Americans to adopt one (or two!) from their local shelter.  The following is a list of the top reasons owning a cat is rewarding and enjoyable.

               1.       They improve your life!

·         Studies have proven that stroking a cat can lower your blood pressure.

·         People who have owned cats have a 40 percent less risk of dying from a heart attack than those who have never owned a cat.

2.       Cats are intuitive!

·         They just seem to know when you’ve been having a bad day and need something warm and loving next to you, they also seem to know when you need to be left along and will oblige. 

3.       Cats are smart!

·         AND they love learning!  Cats can be trained to do just about anything (sit, stay, fetch, play the keyboard, sing, etc.) and enjoy the mental stimulation. 

·         Watching a cat figure out a puzzle toy filled with treats is just incredible; they have a natural problem solving ability that is extremely impressive. 

4.       Cats teach children important life lessons!

·         Studies have shown children with cats have better social skills.

·         Cats teach children to be gentle and patient. 

·         Feline friends teach kids that going to the doctor regularly is a necessary and important part of life—proper veterinary care is an important aspect of owning a cat   Also, watching their buddy get a shot at the veterinarian may make it less stressful and scary for them to get one at their next doctor's visit. 

5.       Cats are fun! 

·         They love to play, and watching a cat perform acrobatic feats while trying to catch that pesky feather at the end of a string is highly entertaining.

·         They love to hunt, and consider flies and creepy crawlers as the perfect prey. Watching your cat stalk an insect is like having an amazing wildlife show right in your living room!


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