Feline Diabetes: Are You Aware of the Warning Signs?
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Feline Diabetes: Are You Aware of the Warning Signs?
March 24, 2015

(THE COMFY SOFA, My House, Annapolis, Maryland) March 24, 2015—Diabetes awareness is a hot topic today in the human world – thanks to American Diabetes Association Alert Day – and it is important to note that this disease also afflicts us felines as well. It can be incredibly dangerous for cats—sometimes shortening our lifespan or even leading to death.
It is important that our humans are aware of the signs and symptoms of feline diabetes. These typically include:

  • Ravenous appetite: Are your cats eating more than normal? Do they seem to have insatiable appetites? 
  • Weight loss: Feline diabetes is most prevalent in overweight or obese cats; however, even with the aforementioned increase in appetite, as the disease progresses diabetic cats can lose a significant amount of weight.
  • Increased water consumption and urination: If your cats are diabetic they may drink more water and use the litterbox more frequently.

If your cats are displaying the symptoms listed above, it is important you visit a veterinarian, who will be able to properly diagnose and treat them. Better yet, preventive care is also a great way to ensure your cats are healthy and happy, even more so as they age and are at greater risk for diabetes and other diseases. Be sure to schedule an annual or twice-a-year exam to help prevent your cats from becoming ill.

For further information regarding feline diabetes, visit the Cornell Feline Health Center at http://www.vet.cornell.edu/FHC/health_resources/brochure_diabetes.cfm.  

Feline Diabetes
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