How to Make Your Cat a Happy Cat
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How to Make Your Cat a Happy Cat
September 2, 2014

It’s finally here! The most wonderful month of the year! September is Happy Cat Month, and to celebrate I am going to share the best five things about this most magical of all months. So what makes this such a great month for me?

1)      More attention. Because I am a cat, I am obviously always the center of attention, but during Happy Cat Month I get even more attention and love--almost as much as I deserve!

2)      A new toy. Whether it’s homemade (sometimes a toilet paper roll can be cleverly cut so that it wobbles and bounces when I swat it) or store bought, during this wonderful month I get a new toy that will provide me with hours of entertainment.

3)      A trip to the veterinarian. I know, it may seem crazy that I would enjoy this or be happy about it, but my semi-annual visit ensures I am healthy and in wonderful physical condition. Plus, I really like my veterinarian and love getting in my carrier and going places. On the other paw, as my human can tell you, I am not happy when I am sick. 

4)      Learning something new. Every year, I learn a new trick with help from my human. It’s great! I get rewarded for showcasing my stellar problem-solving skills. Last year, I learned to sit for a treat. Who knows what I will learn this year, it could be anything! I saw a cat on the Internet that could play the drums. Just sayin’. … 

5)      An extra treat, occasionally. If I’m lucky and my trip to the veterinarian goes well, and she says I am at a healthy weight, I get and extra treat or two now and then just because I’m a happy, healthy cat! I generally have to work for it by displaying my impeccable manners and sitting nicely or by practicing my new trick, but man is it worth it! Sometimes my person will hide the treats when I’m not looking so that I can “hunt” for them. It’s so exciting to find a tasty treat I wasn’t expecting. Sucker that I am, I end up searching the whole house to see if the human left others hidden.

These are my favorite things about the month (hint, hint, favorite human). You know your cat and what will make it happy. So during September, show your cat how happy it makes you by giving it a little special attention and loving. 

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