June is Adopt a Cat Month!
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June is Adopt a Cat Month!
May 31, 2013

June is Adopt a Cat Month, and the CATalyst Council, a national initiative comprised of animal health and welfare organizations working on behalf of cats, is encouraging Americans to visit their local shelters during June and adopt a cat – or even better, two. 

“Having a dedicated month encouraging the adoption of cats is a really great way to help remind people that their local shelters and rescues have lots of friendly, loving cats from which to choose,” says Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of the Catalyst Council. “From cute and active kittens to mellow and mature seniors, there are all different kinds of cats at your local shelter. The great thing about going to a shelter or a rescue group is that the staff has likely become acquainted with the cats staying there and can guide you to one whose personality will fit in with your family.”

Ensuring that the cat’s personality meshes well with your own is an important step in adopting a cat. Other things potential adopters should consider prior to adopting a cat include:             

1.       Knowing which veterinarian you will take your cat to after it’s adopted. Potential owners should schedule a visit with their chosen veterinarian within a few days of adoption so that the veterinary team can get to know the cat as early as possible. During this visit, your veterinarian will recommend the best food and preventive medications and provide tips to help ensure your cat’s health. In addition, this early trip can also help acclimate your cat to the process of visiting the veterinarian.

2.       Familiarize yourself with the costs associated with owning a cat. Before bringing a cat home, ensure that your budget has enough room to handle the expenses that come with caring for a pet. This goes beyond food and litter and includes toys and other environmental enrichment tools, as well as annual veterinary exams and potential emergency visits. Many people choose pet health insurance to help in case an unexpected illness or other problem arises.

3.       Knowing everyone in your family is ready for a cat. Talk to your family to ensure they are all excited about bringing home a furry family member, and that they’re ready to help care for it.

“Cats make wonderful companions, and we want to see the adoption rate go up in June,” says Dr. Brunt. “There are so many wonderful cats that need lifetime homes and deserve to get adopted and be a part of a family.”


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