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 What is CATalyst Council?

The CATalyst Council is the outcome of two grassroots efforts – Re-Branding Felix and the CATalyst Summit. Following these two meetings, CATalyst Council, a non-profit entity, was created that includes three distinct groups: Veterinary Medicine, Shelter/Animal Welfare, and related Industry entities such as Foundations and Cat Fanciers, the Media, and commercial companies. By virtue of the open and inclusive structure of the board, these bodies are able to represent a broad range of diverse stakeholders in feline healthcare and welfare. Many of these stakeholders participated in the CATalyst Summit. Working together the Council intends to make a difference in the way the United States sees and experiences cats.

Why we exist

CATalyst Council’s vision is a cat-caring society which will be achieved through our mission of connecting and collaborating to advance the health, welfare and value of companion cats. This will ensure all cats are cared for and valued as pets. CATalyst Council’s Vision, Mission, Values and Impact Statements were revised and reaffirmed in 2014.

What we do

The CATalyst Purpose addresses our desire to change society’s image of cats as aloof and not needing human contact or care.

Our Vision is to raise the level of care and welfare of cats by cat owners – one that any owner will embrace through the human-animal bond and can achieve – supported by the highest quality veterinary care, preventative medicine, and cat specific products.

Watch our Executive Director, Dr. Jane Brunt, explain what CATalyst does, who we are and how we can help you. 

Who we are

Our 2015 Board of Directors

Mr. Gary MacPhee, Chair (Director and General Manager, Merck Animal Health)
Mr. Ralph Johnson, Vice Chair (Executive Director, CVMA)
Mr. Steve Shell, Treasurer (Vice President of Veterinary Relations, Petplan Pet Insurance)
Mr. Cal Morgan, Secretary (Representative, SAWA)
Ms. Heather Jensen, Strategic Communications Advisor (Representative, AVMA)
Dr. Alexis Nahama, Past Chair/Board Member (Vet-stem)
Dr. Tony Buffington, Board Member (The Ohio State University, Indoor Pet Initiative)
Ms. Susan Logan, Board Member (Cat Fancy Magazine, Editor)
Ms. Elizabeth Kabbash, Board Member (President and Co-Founder Zed Graphic Communications)
Mr. Steve Zeidman, Board Member (Zeidtech, CEO)
Mr. Ed Powers, Board Member (Petfinder.com, Vice President - Strategic Planning and Operations)
Mr. Bruce Truman, Board Member (BLT Consulting)
Ms. Nadia Koziar, Board Member (Zoetis)
Dr. Joyce Login, Board Member (Zoetis)
Ms. Lisa Dacuk-Julius, Board Member (Merck Animal Health)!

Jane Brunt, DVM
CATalyst Council Executive Director

Kayti McCluskey-Russo
CATalyst Council Executive Assistant

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